Oh, hi.

I never write, I know.

I can promise that constant horror is definitely the reason.

Despite what creepish creations which I’ve been able to conjure up, there remains no greater horror than the horror of life.

Check out these fresh sketches from my private super-sketchy sketch pad.

First, we’ve got a snippet from GUIGNOL | A Tale of Escalating Horror cover artist Keith Hogan. Could this be from the cover of BOOK TWO? I wish we could show the whole thing, because it looks great. Soon, perhaps.

Secondly and thirdish, we’re featuring a couple of extremely rough sketches by myself (that would be GUIGNOL creator Brett Schwaner, nyah), featuring Mae (our main protagonist) in a bit of a bloody pickle (goodness! shield your eyes, children!). Lastly (thirdish), could this be an outline sketch of a HUGELY IMPORTANT new character? Very possib, yes. I’m not saying.

And as for you, have you started reading GUIGNOL | A Tale of Escalating Horror, hmm?

GUIGNOL | BOOK ONE  is out now as a digital ebook AND all-new deluxe full color illustrated paperback edition for 2017.

Thanks for tuning in! You’ve been great. I hope that I’ve been a constant horror.

Let’s do this more often…

What’s Your Favorite Holiday?

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