Kerrang! interview and LBDSM Chapter 3

P M Buchan

Kerrang!, the world’s biggest-selling weekly rock magazine, have featured my 44FLOOD folk-horror comic HERETICS for the second time. Kerrang! published a full-length interview with me and Martin Simmonds about the origins of the series, how the Manson Family played into its conception and the series ties to all kinds of rock, metal and punk.

kerrang-exclusive-reveal-hereticsThis week on Saturday 4 February 2017 I’ll be exhibiting at True Believers Comic Festival in Cheltenham, UK, with HERETICS co-creator Martin Simmonds. We’ll be selling copies of HERETICS issue zero (also available online through Forbidden Planet), the comic that Rob Williams (DC Comics: Suicide Squad, Vertigo: Unfollow) described as “a fine looking nightmare” and about which David Hine (Image Comics: Bulletproof Coffin, Marvel Comics: Spider-Man Noir) said “if this were a movie it would be rated ‘R’ with coarse language, nudity in a sexual situation, alcohol abuse and frequent bloody violence”.


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