Oh, hi.

I never write, I know.

I can promise that constant horror is definitely the reason.

Despite what creepish creations which I’ve been able to conjure up, there remains no greater horror than the horror of life.

Check out these fresh sketches from my private super-sketchy sketch pad.

First, we’ve got a snippet from GUIGNOL | A Tale of Escalating Horror cover artist Keith Hogan. Could this be from the cover of BOOK TWO? I wish we could show the whole thing, because it looks great. Soon, perhaps.

Secondly and thirdish, we’re featuring a couple of extremely rough sketches by myself (that would be GUIGNOL creator Brett Schwaner, nyah), featuring Mae (our main protagonist) in a bit of a bloody pickle (goodness! shield your eyes, children!). Lastly (thirdish), could this be an outline sketch of a HUGELY IMPORTANT new character? Very possib, yes. I’m not saying.

And as for you, have you started reading GUIGNOL | A Tale of Escalating Horror, hmm?

GUIGNOL | BOOK ONE  is out now as a digital ebook AND all-new deluxe full color illustrated paperback edition for 2017.

Thanks for tuning in! You’ve been great. I hope that I’ve been a constant horror.

Let’s do this more often…

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Kerrang! interview and LBDSM Chapter 3

P M Buchan

Kerrang!, the world’s biggest-selling weekly rock magazine, have featured my 44FLOOD folk-horror comic HERETICS for the second time. Kerrang! published a full-length interview with me and Martin Simmonds about the origins of the series, how the Manson Family played into its conception and the series ties to all kinds of rock, metal and punk.

kerrang-exclusive-reveal-hereticsThis week on Saturday 4 February 2017 I’ll be exhibiting at True Believers Comic Festival in Cheltenham, UK, with HERETICS co-creator Martin Simmonds. We’ll be selling copies of HERETICS issue zero (also available online through Forbidden Planet), the comic that Rob Williams (DC Comics: Suicide Squad, Vertigo: Unfollow) described as “a fine looking nightmare” and about which David Hine (Image Comics: Bulletproof Coffin, Marvel Comics: Spider-Man Noir) said “if this were a movie it would be rated ‘R’ with coarse language, nudity in a sexual situation, alcohol abuse and frequent bloody violence”.


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BODY COUNT and GUIGNOL Present the Debut of LA TERREUR


The rumors are true!

Body Count and GUIGNOL creators join forces to present LA TERREUR, an original untold tale from the world of GUIGNOL – A Tale of Escalating Horror.

Written by GUIGNOL creator Brett Schwaner and featuring brand new artwork from illustrator Keith Hogan, LA TERREUR premieres in the pages of BODY COUNT Indie Horror ‘Zine #7.

LA TERREUR is an original short story from the world of GUIGNOL which pays homage to some of the best (and worst) horror films ever made. Perfect for the pages of Body Count and essential reading for fans of Guignol – A Tale of Escalating Horror.

Body Count ‘Zine is printed in LIMITED QUANTITIES, so once these are gone, they’re gone for good!

Get Body Count #7 right here or FREE with any order from our webstore (shipping to U.S.) while supplies last.


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Guignol - A Tale of Escalating Horror


PREVIEW: All-New Guignol Concept Art
#WiHM7: The Women Behind GUIGNOL
PHOTOS: Art Dollz Presents GUIGNOL Release Party at MIETTE

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Check it out, fiends: Here’s a look at some brand new concept art from Guignol illustrator Keith Hogan.

The first is a sketch snippet from something unspeakable (we can’t talk about it yet).

The second sketch is also unspeakable (likewise, can’t talk about it yet).

2016 is the year of the CREEP.

More to come…


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Guignol - A Tale of Escalating Horror


April 2016 Updates: Always Lurking, Never Far…
#WiHM7: The Women Behind GUIGNOL
PHOTOS: Art Dollz Presents GUIGNOL Release Party at MIETTE

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Click through to read the full story covering the opening of New Orleans’ biggest and newest comic book store by GUIGNOL creator Brett Schwaner with photos by Nathan Tucker and Greg Morris, as featured on the entertainment news site Bleeding Cool. There’s also a pretty amazing time-lapse video of the store ceiling going up.


Crescent City Comics staffers (Left to Right): Alex Rooney, Leo McGovern, DB Wells, Store Owner Les Arceneaux, Richard O’Brien, Justin Colomb


Something on the local creators rack scared this poor pooch! But what could it have been? What could be lurking…?


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Guignol - A Tale of Escalating HorrorSave 20-25% on everything at our webstore right now

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GUIGNOL is Always Lurking, Never Far in April
#WiHM7: The Women Behind GUIGNOL
PHOTOS: Art Dollz Presents GUIGNOL Release Party at MIETTE

GUIGNOL 1ST PRINTING SELLS OUT, 2nd Printing Announced

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GUIGNOL is Always Lurking, Never Far…


GUIGNOL creator Brett Schwaner makes a cameo appearance in the latest print edition of BODY COUNT. Body Count is a DIY horror punk ‘zine from Mike Patton (notably of such bands as The Loblaws and The Robinsons). Brett trolls James Franco and contributes to a discussion on time travel. Get your copy here while they last.

Brett also recently contributed a short feature over at Bleeding Cool on the return of a Marvel character who might be “the horror equivalent of Jessica Jones,” as well as discussing diversity in the Marvel Universe. Recommended reading for 1990s horror geeks:

planned for the coming months! Halloween is over 200 days away, but GUIGNOL is always lurking, never far…

Now thru the end of APRIL, save 20-25% on everything at our webstore!

No coupon codes required! PLUS: all U.S. orders will ship with bonus tricks and/or treats…

Guignol - A Tale of Escalating Horror

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#WiHM7: The Women Behind GUIGNOL
PHOTOS: Art Dollz Presents GUIGNOL Release Party at MIETTE


GUIGNOL 1ST PRINTING SELLS OUT, 2nd Printing Announced

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#WiHM7: The Women Behind GUIGNOL – A Tale of Escalating Horror

Women In Horror Month

GUIGNOL Creator Brett Schwaner writes:

GUIGNOL is proud to support Women in Horror Month 7 #WiHM7 with a look at The Women Behind GUIGNOL – A Tale of Escalating Horror. Women in Horror Month is celebrates the achievements of all women across the world of horror, observed annually during the month of February.

Women in Literature: A Radical Notion

I fully admit to being male, but I take the radical notion of writing women as ‘normal people’ with ‘depth’ and ‘complexity.’ Guignol is not ‘female-fronted’ horror, to borrow a  dreaded term from the world of music journalism.

The very idea of women as normalized leads in fiction is still a relatively recent development in the scope of literary history. When you consider the entire history of written language, the vast majority of it has been composed by men, often about men, with women as an afterthought or accessory. Before Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter (a story written by a man; first published in 1850), there are no major female leads in western fiction, and it was not until the arrival of the many great female authors of the 19th century that women began to  form self-realized identities for themselves in literature.

Guignol could not have come into existence without the hard work of several talented women. In honor of Women in Horror Month, we’re taking a moment to shine the spotlight on their contributions.


GUIGNOL watercolorist Laura McCombs.

GUIGNOL artist & photographer Laura McCombs.

Laura McCombs
Artist & Photographer

Women in Horror Month Heroes:  Ellen Ripley (Alien); Jennifer Kent (The Babadook)

Horrified of: the thought police

Laura’s artwork appears in Chapter 14 of Guignol Book One. The double page spread beginning on pg. 230 reveals a crucial aspect of the story – the twin Sunset Over Still Waters pieces. Both sunsets (which can be viewed side-by-side in the gallery below) illustrate a pivotal recurring plot point in our story. The first depicts a sun setting over still waters as drawn by Guignol‘s Lilly Langtree; the second shows the same theme by Guignol lead character Maelynn, signed “MAE” in the lower right corner. Laura will be returning to contribute additional artwork in Guignol Book Two, as our tale of escalating horror continues. In the meantime, Laura is working on a series of horror icons on velvet. You can view two of the pieces – “Predator” and “Jason” (in-progress) below. Laura is a Louisiana native and graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University.


Art Dollz model Elli is the first person to ever cosplay as GUIGNOL's villain, Lilly Langtree.

Art Dollz model Elli Diaz as GUIGNOL’s Lilly Langtree.

Elli Diaz
Artist & Model

Art Dollz

Women in Horror Month Heroes: Clarice Starling (Silence of the Lambs); The Bride of Frankenstein

Horrified Of: exorcism movies

Elli is our official cosplay model, depicting Guignol‘s Lilly Langtree, who appears on the cover of Guignol Book One. Elli made her debut as Lilly last October at our official release party, which was held at Miette in New Orleans, presented by Art Dollz. As an artist, Elli started out making domino bracelets embellished with digital collage images, usually a mixture of horror and kiddie ephemera, including old horror posters and paper dolls. Her artwork has since evolved to focus on LEGOs (and occasionally the horror of LEGOs). You can see examples of both Elli’s bracelets and LEGOs in her gallery, illustrating the influence of horror on her work. Although Elli personally favors fantasy over horror (citing Neil Gaiman as being her biggest obsession), she grew up surrounded by horror-loving fanatics who gave her constant exposure to the world of horror. Some of her favorites include Stephen King’s It, John Carpenter’s Halloween, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Elli is a longtime New Orleans resident. She dreams of some day doing big art shows with creepy cartoony characters again. Elli will also soon be making the jump from character model to contributing artist. Look for her artwork to appear in the pages of Guignol Book Two.


GUIGNOL Halloween Horror

Mae (left) and Lilly (right). Artwork by Keith Hogan, 2015.

Guignol’s Lilly Langtree and the real Lillie Langtry

Actress and Stage Manager Lillie Langtry (1853-1929), as “Miss Hardcastle” in her role from “She Stoops To Conquer”  from the New York Public Library’s collection.

There was an actual person  named Lillie Langtry who serves as the offhanded inspiration for Guignol‘s fictional villain, “Lilly Langtree.” Lillie Langtry (1853-1929) was a British actress and stage manager. Theater critics offered mixed commentary on her acting abilities, but she found success while touring in America and garnered a more positive reception from general audiences. She had a friendship with Oscar Wilde and is believed to have been the inspiration for the Sherlock Holmes character, Irene Adler. She was perhaps best known for her high profile affairs and for being a socialite. While Guignol‘s Lilly Langtree is quite theatrical in her own right, her overall personality and character arc draws little else from her real-life namesake. I created the idea of Lilly as the horror character that you see today when I was a sophomore in high school, constantly daydreaming about horror stories. It was not until the publication of Guignol that I finally found an appropriate venue for the character.

What’s Your Favorite Holiday?

All of the creators here at Guignol HQ proudly support Women in Horror Month. Thanks for reading along! Discover more about the contributions of women in the world of horror all year long at the Ax Wound ‘Zine + Blog.

Women In Horror Month


To all of you who may be visiting for the first time, welcome to Guignol – A Tale of Escalating Horror! Follow along with us on social media for more horror to come: Facebook / Twitter.

Guignol - A Tale of Escalating Horror

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